Houston, TX —  A group of deaf and/or blind people in Houston are working to raise awareness about the city’s deaf and blindness population.

The Blinds Are A City is the brainchild of DeafHouston.com founder Dr. Johnathan Fisk.

According to Fisk, Houston is one of the most deaf and deafblind cities in the world.

It’s the most diverse city in the country and it’s the fastest growing, he said.

In 2016, Houston had the highest number of people in the city who are deaf or blind, according to the American Association of Devel­op­ment Educa­tions.

Fisk’s group is working to help educate the public about the deaf community, which includes about 25,000 people.

For the deaf, Houston has a long history of being an extremely dangerous place, Fisk said.

Houston has been called “the most dangerous city in America” and “the country’s safest city.”

Fischer, who is deaf, said that as soon as she was born, she knew her parents would die.

She was told that if she went to live with her father, she would die as well, Fischer said.

She said she has had to learn to navigate Houston’s streets.

“You have to be able to navigate on your own, but I also feel like it’s something that is very, very challenging for me,” Fischer said, noting that her hearing is better than her deafness.

Some people in Texas have been able to hear, Fischer added, but many people in her community do not.

“There are so many different things you can do with hearing aids,” Fischer added.

There are no federal disability benefits, but Fischer said that some people have found ways to make it work, including by using a device called a hearing aid bracelet.

Fischer said the group is hoping to raise money for a hearing aids bracelet to be given to someone who is blind or deaf.

They will also donate the bracelet to people who are blind, deaf or with a hearing impairment.

“We are trying to be an educational tool,” Fischer continued.

“If we can educate the city and the community, we can hopefully get these people back to where they need to be.”

The group will be holding a fundraising event in the downtown area of Houston on May 20. 

For more information on the event, visit blindsarea.com.

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