The Muslim single scene is growing with a new crop of stars coming out of the closet, but there are still some big names still in the game, like Aisha Bibi, who has been signed to a number of labels including Sony, and is set to release her first solo album this fall.

The 19-year-old is a member of the Muslim Student Association (MSSA) and is a part of the group that brought us the “Hollywood Muslim” campaign.

She’s also featured in the “Love Is Love” campaign and has a strong relationship with Muslim community members.

Here’s what you need to know about Aisha: Aisha is a Muslim American who grew up in Los Angeles.

She has two siblings, two great-grandparents, and two great grandpa.

She moved to Los Angeles when she was 16 years old to pursue her music career.

When she was 14, she had a miscarriage.

She went to a fertility clinic and they did a test to see if she had twins.

They found out they were going to have twins.

She said, “I’ve had my own miscarriage so it’s just a blessing.”

She also mentioned that she’s never had an abortion.

Aisha says she’s “always been supportive of other people’s religious beliefs,” and is always respectful of others’ religious beliefs.

“I’m a very progressive Muslim woman, and I believe in human rights.

I don’t want people to think that Muslims have to be religious in order to be a good person.

They can be religious, but I’m a non-religious person.”

The Muslim Singles scene is not only growing, but it’s also expanding, and Aisha was recently in the midst of the “Prayer for Life” campaign, which aims to help people find support for their loved ones during life.

She says she has been inspired by her sisters, who are now doing the same thing.

“They are all doing the campaign, but a lot of people have their own story to tell.

They are still struggling with the issues of being Muslim, but they are also very strong, so I’m very inspired by them.”

Aisha also has a new album out, called “Praise the Prophet,” and says she is working on a sequel to the “love is love” campaign that will feature a song called “No More Tears.”

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