In Australia, it’s all about the Muslim vote: the election.

But there are some signs of trouble in the Muslim community. 

Last week, a Melbourne mosque was vandalised with anti-Muslim graffiti, and a Sydney mosque was targeted by a group of people who posted a “kill all muslims” message on its wall.

This week, the Victorian parliament voted to outlaw “hate speech” and “extremism”, but there’s been a backlash against the proposed legislation. 

Australia is one of the only Western democracies with a Muslim majority.

“We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do,” said Ali Rizvi, who works for the Muslim advocacy group ACT for Australia.

The issue of violence against Muslims in Australia is a hot button issue, and many people have said that the backlash against these proposed laws shows that they’re not going to get their way.

“I think this is really a wake-up call,” said Rizavi.

“We need to take this as a wake up call.

It’s not just about the politics of the two candidates, it is also about the policies that are being implemented.”

Rizvi said that even if there are no significant threats, it would be important to make sure that people are safe.

“What we have to understand is that we need to make these laws to prevent future incidents,” she said.

“We have to make it clear that we have a strong community, and we need that community to be respected.”

But also to prevent the spread of these types of hateful ideas.

“While the backlash to the proposed laws may have been negative, there are other signs of progress.

Earlier this month, a Muslim-majority town in Victoria was declared the safest in Australia, after the city’s police chief said that incidents of anti-Islamic hate crimes had dropped dramatically.

But that was just one of several recent positive signs for the community.

Earlier in February, a mosque in Melbourne was attacked with a knife.

And last month, the community’s elected Muslim mayor, Alok Sharma, announced that the town of Richmond, south of Melbourne, would be the only Muslim-only town in Australia.

In November, the ACT government passed a bill that makes it illegal to engage in “hate propaganda” and a motion to repeal the anti-terror laws.”

There is still much work to be done in terms of the language that we use and how we use language.”

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