WASHINGTON — It is a startling fact that many of us know.

It is also a fact that few of us are aware of.

It’s been reported for years, but the U.S. government hasn’t reported on the exact number of women in its own data set who have committed suicide in recent years.

The data comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which publishes annual reports on the suicide rate.

This year, it was released, and it revealed that women were nearly twice as likely as men to kill themselves.

The CDC did not release the number of suicides from 2009 to 2016 because of the ongoing debate over the need to limit access to lethal injection.

“This is a tragic reminder of the importance of mental health and the need for comprehensive suicide prevention programs,” said Dr. Richard H. Hirsch, director of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at the CDC.

The statistics come from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication, which was conducted in 2007 and is the most recent in a long-running survey that has tracked a sample of about 4,000 adults over the course of many decades.

In 2017, the CDC released data showing that women ages 25 to 34 had a suicide rate three times higher than that of men.

But the number is based on only self-reported data, and the CDC doesn’t collect any data on how people who kill themselves are identified.

The most recent numbers for women were reported by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in January.

The survey, which is available at suicidepreventionlifeline.org, asks respondents about a range of issues from mental health issues to their relationships and social life.

A woman who reports a mental health problem to the Lifeline may receive help.

But it is not required, and some states have moved to bar suicide prevention efforts, even in cases of severe mental illness.

“We don’t really know what causes suicide, and we certainly don’t know how it gets started,” said Barbara R. Smith, president of the national advocacy group Families United for Suicide Prevention.

“But this is a big, fat, scary statistic.”

The Lifeline is a private, nonprofit program that connects people with support and information about suicide.

But that doesn’t mean that people can’t go to the lifeline to seek help, or they should, Smith said.

A suicide prevention advocate named Sara, who didn’t want to be identified, said she has struggled to understand why she is not at the Lifelines hotline.

“I just can’t understand why they can’t take my calls,” she said.

“What I’m getting at is that I’m not going to get the help I need.

That is what I’m saying to them.”

The data is a reminder of a reality that few people want to talk about: Women are more likely than men to commit suicide.

In 2016, the National Institute of Mental Health estimated that 5.6 percent of all suicides in the U., the nation’s second-leading economy, were women, the most of any gender, and more than twice the rate of men, according to the CDC’s latest data.

But in 2017, according the data, the suicide rates were just 2.6% for men and 2.3% for women, which translates to an average of about 15 women a day killing themselves.

That means there are more women than men who commit suicide every year.

And it’s likely that many, many more women have committed suicides than men, even though the numbers are higher than the national rate.

A study published last year in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that women are at a higher risk for suicide than men.

Researchers used data from the U,S.

Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health to compare suicide rates between people who died by suicide and those who were not.

They found that for men, the rate was 17.9 times higher in the suicide population, but it was just 3.6 times higher among those who weren’t.

For women, it went up to 25.9 for the suicide group and 26.4 for the non-suicide group.

The difference in rates was greatest for people who had experienced mental illness, with women having a nearly three-fold higher suicide rate than men for those who had suffered from mental illness and for those without mental illness who had died by their own hands.

Suicide rates are higher for people in poverty.

“People are living in poverty and there are no mental health programs available,” Smith said of suicide.

“You have no way of knowing whether someone is in poverty or not, but there are other things that can contribute to the suicide.”

In addition to the financial barriers, there are social barriers to suicide as well.

People may feel that they have to choose between having a good relationship or having a loved one.

Some people may have a difficult relationship with their spouse or partner.

But for many people, there is also stigma about suicide,

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