TORONTO — It’s the only time when a single Muslim couple can go to the local mosque together, but it’s not an everyday occurrence.

The couple are just one in a million.

They live in Toronto, where the largest Muslim population is about 6 million, and a quarter of all Canadians identify as Muslims.

They say they are the minority, but there are a lot of them.

They’re a minority in a city that is almost exclusively Christian.

In Toronto, they’re not the only minority, as many Muslims are also Muslims.

Muslim singles, a term for couples in their 30s and 40s who have a Muslim partner, are a growing phenomenon in the city, especially among young Muslim men, and are becoming a major source of controversy in some neighbourhoods.

But, like many minority groups, they are facing challenges.

In the past few years, the Toronto Muslim community has faced a host of challenges, ranging from anti-Muslim sentiment to the increasing number of anti-Islamophobia laws passed across Canada, which have been linked to anti-Islamic sentiment.

The laws are sometimes referred to as anti-muslimophobia laws, and critics say the legislation unfairly targets Muslims.

Some have even been targeted by the police.

In 2016, the Ontario Provincial Police launched a campaign to target Muslims with “anti-Islamic” signs and flyers, and the campaign has been ongoing for more than two years.

Last month, the province’s director of community relations, Andrew MacKay, told a meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board that “anti Islamophobia is a real problem” in Toronto.

“We have had incidents of anti Muslim bullying, anti-Arab bullying, we have had people calling for violence against Muslims, we’ve had people being violent toward Muslims,” MacKay said, according to a Toronto Star report.

“I believe there are instances of people who have been anti-Semitic, anti Muslim, anti immigrant.

I believe there’s been instances of violence and harassment.”

But the Toronto Sun reported that MacKay denied any racism, saying the posters were intended to be “mischievous” and intended to provoke conversation, not as a way to harass.

“There’s no such thing as anti Muslim bias, there’s anti-immigrant bias,” MacKenzie said, as quoted by the Sun.

“I think the posters are designed to provoke discussion and have a constructive conversation about our communities.”

But many Muslim advocates say anti-hate legislation in Canada is discriminatory and often discriminates against Muslim men who want to date women.

They argue that the laws disproportionately target Muslim women and girls, and say that targeting them will only increase tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Muslim community.

“They are not only targeting women, but also girls, it is discrimination, and it has nothing to do with Islam,” said Ibrahim Sattar, an organizer for the Toronto-based Muslim Advocacy Network, who is the founder of the Muslim Legal Services Centre.

“It is not about Islam.

It is discrimination.

It has nothing whatsoever to do.

It’s anti Islamophobia.”

He said that when he was in Toronto in 2015, he saw a group of Muslims at a wedding where a Muslim couple, who had married in France, was invited to the ceremony.

The couple declined, saying they didn’t want to be there and had no desire to go to a mosque, but Sattan said that the couple was asked if they would attend the ceremony and if so, if they wanted to marry.

When the couple’s daughter said no, Sattam said, they left the wedding venue.

“This is the type of discrimination that we have seen in Toronto,” Sattaran said.

“The majority of Muslims have been living under this sort of discrimination.”

When it comes to anti hate legislation, the issue isn’t always so simple.

In 2016, in Canada’s second-largest city, Mississauga, a bill was introduced that would criminalize “anti hate propaganda,” which would make it a hate crime to spread information that is discriminatory against a particular group or religion.

The Mississauga City Council voted to pass the bill, but was overruled by the province.

It died in the legislature, but now it’s back in the provincial legislature.

“Mississauga has a very specific law on hate crime and hate propaganda, but I think it’s really unfortunate that there’s no specific law for Muslim women in Canada,” said Shabir Ahmad, the lawyer representing a Muslim woman who has been harassed by anti-sexist flyers and anti-gay slurs at a Mississauga mosque.

“When the bill was passed in Mississauga in 2016, it was very clear that it was about anti-Semitism and discrimination, but this is about discrimination against Muslims in general.”

While the Toronto law is controversial, many say the city is trying to move forward in a way that would make Muslims feel more comfortable in their city.”With

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