CricInfo title Single muslim to get free Pakistan visa to return to Bangladesh source ESPNCricInfo headline Pakistan singles mother to ‘freely’ visit Bangladesh article News Limited article Craziest thing you will hear today is Pakistani single mother Zahra Khan returning home from Bangladesh with her two daughters to visit her husband and two-year-old son in their home town of Multan. 

But she won’t be able to come back to her home town as her husband has left Pakistan, a source close to the family told ESPNcricInfo. 

The source said Zahra’s son, Abdul, was not allowed to leave Pakistan because of her age. 

Zahra’s youngest daughter is six months old and she is currently in her early twenties, which means she can be eligible to return in about a year, the source added. 

Her husband, Ayesha, is currently working in India and her youngest son, Ali, is only two months old. 

“She wants to see her husband, but we have not reached any conclusion yet,” the source said. 

Ayesha’s parents have been in Pakistan since 2015 and Zahra had recently received an ‘advance’ visa that allowed her to visit them, he added.

Zahrab Khan, who is from a wealthy family in Peshawar and has an official residence in Multan, is scheduled to return home from Multan on September 10 after spending a month in India, the official said.

Zahrah’s son has already travelled to the UK, where he is working on a documentary.

The family will be waiting for Zahra to return before deciding on a plan to return, the family source said, adding that Zahrah has a lot to live for.

“We are very happy for Zahrah because we have been together for more than 30 years and she has been a great support for us,” the family said.

Zan Mohammad, who has a family in India but is not yet back, said Zahrah and Ali had been visiting family and friends in India for several months.

They had spent a lot of time together and she was a very good mother to them, Zan Mohammad said.

“They have been very happy with Zahrah’s decision.

We have been waiting for them for a long time to come home and we will be very happy.”

Zan, who owns a clothing shop in Multa, said the family is hoping Zahra can return to her village in Punjab and join them there.

In March, Zahra was named as one of the 10 people who were arrested for allegedly supporting a group known as Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh (JI-B).

Zanzab had travelled to Bangladesh on her own and had met a few people in Multana.

Zanzam said Zahrab has been with her family for 10 years and had always been a wonderful wife and mother.

“Zahrab Khan and her husband had always given her so much,” Zahrabel said.

She said she did not have any regrets and would like to visit Bangladesh again and visit her daughter.

“I have many fond memories of my family in Multand and how much they have meant to me,” Zahrah said.

“I hope to see them soon.”

Zahrar Khan, a relative of Zahrah, said her family had decided to return after Zahra has finished her internship in India.

“We hope that she can get back to Pakistan with her children and her parents,” Zahrar Khan said.

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