Muslim women in the UK are under increasing pressure to marry off to non-Muslim men after the recent spate of attacks by the Islamic State group (IS) group.

Some Muslim women, who are not in the majority of the UK’s population, are now worried that if they do not marry off quickly they will not have a future.

“A lot of them are afraid,” said the mother of two, who requested anonymity.

The majority of Muslim women are still under pressure from their families and friends to marry, she added.

If they do marry, it is not a big deal and they will have the money. “

Some women are worried they will get caught up in the growing number of Muslims.

If they do marry, it is not a big deal and they will have the money.

They will be happy with the money.”

Many Muslims who have already committed to marry are now trying to make arrangements for their children.

But a majority of Muslims do not want to marry for any other reason, according to Nabeel, a 22-year-old from Cardiff who was recently married off to a British man.

I have had enough of Muslims telling me they are only interested in my family.

Nabeels mother said she had been told that if she wants to marry someone else she should ask for a “special” marriage certificate.

Nabeels husband, a young Pakistani man, said that he wanted a divorce and would not agree to a non-Muslims marriage.

He also did not want Nabees children to marry outside the Muslim community.

“I am Muslim, but I want my children to go to school with a Muslim girl.

I am not going to marry anyone outside my religion.

I would prefer not to have a Muslim boy,” he said.

It is also not uncommon for young Muslims to be bullied by other Muslims in the family for not accepting a non Muslim marriage, said one Muslim woman who asked not to be named.

Muslim women are now being pressured to give up their dreams of becoming a nurse or social worker.

‘I was afraid I would have to leave’Nabeel said she and her husband have lived in fear since their marriage.

She said: “I was terrified I would be leaving.

My husband had told me he was going to take care of me and we could work and raise the kids together. “

He said he was sorry but he would not marry a non believer.

My husband had told me he was going to take care of me and we could work and raise the kids together.

But when I told him this he was not so understanding.

She said: ‘He said if you are not happy with me you will leave me and I will have to move out.

He said if I was not happy in my marriage I would move out too.’

“We are told we have to be obedient and follow the Koran. “

There is pressure on Muslim women not to marry Muslim men, especially when there is a big increase in the number of women who have been radicalised,” she said.

“We are told we have to be obedient and follow the Koran.

Our parents don’t want us to wear the veil or to wear a headscarf.”

Nabila, from Cardiff and who did not wish to give her surname, said: ”It is all very confusing for me because I have a Pakistani Muslim husband and I want to be a nurse, a social worker, a teacher.

I want the best for my family, but they are very strict about it.

“They tell us we are not allowed to talk to anyone outside the mosque.

They have told us to not wear headscarves or wear hijab, and even if I am in a mosque I will not go to the back.”

According to Naeem Khan, a research fellow at the National Secular Society, a group of Muslims, the majority are in favour of Islamic law, but there is still a lack of understanding about what it means.

Khan said: “There is still an assumption that if you marry a man you are giving up your rights as a Muslim and are therefore not allowed by Islamic law to live in a state where women are treated equally.

That is a very strange thing to say, especially for women.

In the past, we have had a lot of discussion about female genital mutilation.

In the past we have discussed the issue of female foeticide, but this is really a new one.

Islam is very clear about what a woman should wear and what she should not wear, and what kind of body part that a woman is supposed to be covered up with.

That is why people are worried about

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