The event, which has been described as a “muslim marriage event”, will take place in Edinburgh next month.

The event will feature the largest muslim couple on record, with one each from the UK, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The pair will be married for the first time at a mosque in Glasgow, where the ceremony will take a Muslim holy day called Eid al-Fitr.

In order to get married at a Muslim wedding, a couple must have a relationship of some kind with the Prophet Muhammad.

The couple will be separated by the day, and will then get married by the Imam of the mosque in their city of choice.

While the event has been dubbed a “marriage event” by some muslims, others are not convinced.

I really think the marriage will take years, says Mohammad Abid, who is from Pakistan.

It’s not just for Muslims, but also for non-muslims and it’s not something that will happen any time soon.

We’re really not in a position to get marriage ready at a moment’s notice, he says.

Abid is one of the founders of the Muslim Marriage and Family Association, which was founded in the UK.

A man named Asim Abdullah is the head of the group.

He is also the founder of the UK’s first Muslim Marriage & Family Association.

Asim Abdullah says Muslims are in a different situation compared to people in the West.

“It’s a situation where we don’t have the same laws as the rest of the world, which are very progressive,” he said.

But for the couple, the biggest issue is that the Imam is not a Muslim.

Imam Asim has never been to a mosque, says Mohammed Abid.

They were originally from the Punjab province, he said, but now live in the capital London.

It’s not a problem for Muslims in Britain, because they can have a marriage ceremony at a local mosque, but it is a problem in the United Kingdom.

Some people think it is wrong for Muslims to get divorced and have their relationship dissolved, Abid said.

“It’s different from having a marriage to have the family break down,” he added.

However, Abdullah said it is not wrong to get a divorce.

He explained that Islam doesn’t require a man to get an annulment if his wife dies or the marriage is dissolved.

Muslim weddings are not as common in the rest

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