With only two weeks left before the election, Malaysians are still trying to decide who they will vote for.

In the polls, the Malay Muslim singles ranking is at the top.

It’s not surprising, as the top three muslim bands, Malay American Muslims and Malay Pakistani Muslim Singers, are all performing in their respective cities, making for a big, crowded top ten.

The top muslim group in the Top Ten is a group of young women who have emerged as the main drawcard for the Malaysian muslim population.

Their success has helped to boost the muslim community in the country, and they have already topped the singles ranking.

The group of singers, known as the Malayan Muslim Singers (MMS), are the second biggest muslim band in the world, and their success has attracted huge interest from the public.

With the Malaysia Muslim Singing Academy (MSA), the country’s first Muslim-run singing school, already a major force in the music scene, the band has set their sights on becoming the top muslle group in Malaysia.

They will be joining the Malaya National Youth Orchestra (MNA), which has performed in more than 150 countries and territories.

The MNA will also be joining their countrymen, the Malaysian Muslim Students Union (MNSU), which is a grassroots group that has sprung up in Malaya in the past year to showcase their talents.

“The MNSU will also have a new name.

It will be called MNSUE and we will be releasing a new album with the MNSUA,” MNSOO singer Zakia Ali told the Times of India.

“We are aiming to have the MNA as a main band in Malaysia.”

While the MSA and MNA have already achieved some fame, there is another group of female musicians in the group that is also making an impact.

Malay Indonesian Muslimsing Academy (MICSA) is a new school based in a village in Malacca, Malaysia.

With a focus on music, the school aims to promote musical diversity and promote music as a tool for social change.

The school is also aiming to help young people of different backgrounds find their voice.

“We want to give our students the opportunity to sing as much as they want, regardless of their musical background,” said MSA singer Zara Jaziah.

“Musical education should be a platform to learn about different cultures and traditions.”

The MSA also has plans to host the countrys first concert series, which is scheduled to start in October.

While the program is meant to promote diversity and diversity in music, Zara and the other members hope to make it an opportunity for Malay people of all musical backgrounds to perform together.

“In this country, the best way to showcase the diversity and music is to have different kinds of music and different cultures in our performances,” Zara said.

“Music is a way to bring people together.

We have to be inclusive of people of various backgrounds, races and religions, and I think music is the only way to show that,” said Zara.

The group has already recorded two singles, which they plan to release later this year.

The first single, “Lioness” is a song of the school’s first ever performance, which will be a live performance on the campus of the MOSA.

The second single, which has already been recorded, is titled “Malaysia.”

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