The Islamic State group is recruiting Australians to join its ranks, but there are many challenges in choosing the right one to marry.

The latest numbers from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show there are 1.7 million Australians who are Muslim, of whom 1.6 million are women and the remaining 2.1 million are men.

While there are only a few men and women in Sydney who are married to Muslim men, it is expected the number of Muslim singles in Australia will continue to grow.

Here are the top five reasons for choosing the best marriage candidate in Sydney:1.

Being Muslim and living in a predominantly Muslim area is a plus.

Muslims are often known as the “other side” of Australia’s Muslim community, with many claiming they have never experienced discrimination.

This is reflected in the high levels of religious freedom, and it is estimated that over 30 per cent of Muslims in Australia have not been to a mosque.

This has helped them develop a strong sense of belonging and an ability to find love wherever they live.

They also find the community there is welcoming, with a large Muslim community in the Sydney area and many mosques throughout the country.2.

There is an increasing awareness of marriage equality.

This was made clear when the High Court of Australia rejected an appeal by a married couple who claimed they were discriminated against in marriage by the State Government.

This recognition of marriage rights was recognised by the Marriage Equality Amendment Act 2017, which introduced the same rights to couples in same-sex marriages.

This law was designed to provide the same equality for all Australians regardless of gender or religion, and has been an important milestone in the fight for marriage equality for many Muslims.3.

The Sydney area is one of the safest places in Australia.

The majority of Muslims live in the suburbs, with more than half living in Sydney.

This makes it a safe haven for people who want to stay true to their faith and practice it in their everyday life.

Muslims who live in Sydney will also be more likely to be able to marry, and they are also more likely than other Australians to have a job.4.

Muslims can be found in a range of industries, with business owners and people in the public service, including doctors, nurses, teachers and engineers, finding it easier to find a Muslim marriage candidate than other people.5.

Muslim women are more likely, and often, to get married to Muslims, especially in the north of the country, especially Sydney.

They are also less likely to face prejudice in their communities.

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