The Muslim still living in Canada has an important message for women, they said.

It is also time for us to consider how to change our culture and how we are living our lives in a new way, said Zahra Bekhtiar, executive director of the Muslim Women’s Association of Canada (MUAC).

Women are not alone.” “

Women should not feel like they are the only ones left out in the cold.

Women are not alone.”

Bekhtiakar, who is married with a young child, said the Muslim still in Canada is living in a community where they can “have their say” on issues like how women should dress, how many children they want and how much money they should have.

They have a right to speak, but they also have a responsibility to change the way they live their lives, she said.

“We want to encourage women to not feel ashamed.

We want them to feel empowered, and we want to help them feel comfortable in their own skin,” she said, adding that she believes the Muslim community in Canada should be more vocal on issues related to diversity and equality.

She believes it is important to take action to ensure the Muslim women who are still living with a Muslim partner are given the support they need.

Bekhetiar said the number of women living with Muslims is on the rise, and more Muslim women are now living in the U.S. and Canada.

“It is time to bring women together and start thinking about how we can do something together,” she added.

In February, the U of T Students’ Union held a “Day of Action for Muslim Women” to raise awareness about discrimination faced by women.

The women were encouraged to wear traditional headscarves to show solidarity with the Muslim woman and the women’s rights, said MUAC.

“We know that women are often not included in our communities and are not even treated equally,” Bekhiiar said.

“The Muslim women in our community deserve better than to feel that we are not heard and are ignored.”

According to the American Muslim Association, there are about 5.4 million Muslims in the United States.

In Canada, there were about 7.5 million Muslims, or 9.4 per cent of the population.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based Imam Omar Hassan, who leads the Imam Husain Society in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has also been working to help the Muslim communities in Canada.

He said that, with the rise of the hijab, he believes that there is an opportunity to get more Muslims to wear it and to have more conversations.

“There is an awareness out there, but we need to work together to change this,” Hassan said.

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