A Muslim mother in Fiji has been left “frustrated” after her four-year-old daughter was photographed with a large, white hijab. 

The mother of five, from Nui Mabu, told ABC Radio Fiji that she was shocked to see the hijab in the picture.

“I think that it’s very disrespectful, it’s not right, I’ve never seen such a big hijab before,” she said.

“I thought my daughter had just done something wrong, she wasn’t showing it, it was just a little thing.”‘

A good girl’In a Facebook post, Nui Mama Mama’s family called the woman a “good girl”.

“Her daughter is very proud and very good at showing her emotions,” her post read.

The post went viral, garnering hundreds of comments from Fiji’s Muslims.

A spokesperson for the Fiji Muslim Association told the ABC the family had not received any backlash from the community.

While the Fiji Government has issued a travel advisory for Muslim women, it has not issued a similar travel warning for Muslim men.

In October, the Fiji Tourism Authority announced the country’s Muslim community was in the midst of a “very challenging time” following the suicide bombings at the country-wide Christmas market in March.

“The majority of our Muslim community is not feeling well,” the spokesman said.

He said the “unfortunate events” had been brought to the attention of the authorities.

“This is not a new phenomenon and is something that has been happening for some time,” he said.

The Fiji Tourism Authorities are currently monitoring a number of community events, including the Islamic holiday festival, Hijab Night, in the country.

‘They’re all on our radar’Mr Muhammad, the Imam, said his community was not concerned about being labelled as a “terrorist group”.

“I can tell you, they’re all out on our screen, they have all our information on them,” he told ABC News.

“We’re just going to work with them.”

“We just want them to be happy and stay together, not worry about us.”‘

They’ve just made a mistake’While the majority of Fiji’s Muslim population is not in the spotlight, many feel under-represented, he said, adding the authorities were also under-resourced.

“It’s not a problem for the government, it doesn’t come from us,” he explained.

“They’ve only made a big mistake, they’ve just put a lot of pressure on us.”


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