Single muslims are getting a little more help with the new hijab for their kids.

The hijab for children will now be available to young Muslims with a hijab, which will include a single earbud.

The move is expected to help ease the transition for single muslum parents.

The news comes as a major push to raise awareness of the new trend.

“It is important to continue raising awareness of this new trend among parents of young children,” said Rizwan Abbasi, executive director of the Islamic Education and Research Institute (IERA), which is organising the new initiative.

“I hope this initiative will be of use to young parents and children of all faiths, and we will continue to push this trend forward.”

In Australia, there are more than 300 Muslim schools, according to the Australian Council of Muslim Women (ACMW), which has been involved in campaigns in schools to help parents and young children embrace the hijab.

It is also important to ensure that families have time to introduce their children to the new style of hijab before they go to school, ACMW spokeswoman Aishah Saleem said.

Parents are encouraged to introduce a new style hijab before the first day of school and to introduce children to it before the age of eight, Saleem added.

In September, the government announced it would be offering a range of free hijab services in schools across Australia.

Australian Muslim women are also celebrating a major milestone.

Maeve Higgins, who is married to a Muslim man, said she and her husband have been married for 10 years and the first time they were together was in October.

She said it was her first time having a hijab and was glad they got it so soon.

“I was so excited to see it and I was so nervous,” Ms Higgins said.

“We are so excited and so happy.

I am so proud of him for being a Muslim.”

It’s been very exciting for me and for my family.

I feel like I am a very unique Muslim.

I have never had anything like this before.

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