A U.S. pilot is among scores of American Muslims who are opposed to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group because of the terror group’s anti-American and anti-Western views.

The pilots have been asked to leave the U.K. after refusing to be “radicalized” in the U-K.

by a British-based Islamic religious group, which has been linked to the recruitment of U.k. jihadists.

In an interview with CBC News, one of the pilots said he is “uncomfortable” living in the United Kingdom after the Islamic group was listed by Britain’s Home Office as a “prohibited terrorist organization” in 2014.

“I think it’s dangerous to live in a country that doesn’t know the full extent of the threat to our freedom,” said Mohammed El-Haddad, who is also the co-founder of the Egyptian-based Muslim Community Centre in Northampton, Mass.

“We are living in a very dangerous environment and the only way out of that is to be radicalized in this country and that’s what the Islamic faith teaches.”

The pilots say they have been bombarded with hateful messages and have been subjected to violent threats.

One of them was forced to flee the U:K.

and then return to Egypt in 2016.

He has since been in Syria where he is living under the alias Abu Omar al-Shishani.

His father was killed in an air strike in Syria last year.

The pilot said he wants to return to the U.-K.

to continue living his life in peace.

He said he and his wife are now considering how they can be “normal” and avoid radicalization.

“The biggest thing that has made me realize that it’s not worth living in this world is the fact that there is no other way to make a living,” he said.

“If there is a way out, I will be able to do it.”

The pilot was in the cockpit of a Cessna Skyhawk plane when ISIS attacked the Jordanian capital, Amman, in September 2016.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

The U.N. Security Council condemned the attack and condemned ISIS.

El-Shaddani is a dual U.UK.-U.S.-UAE citizen who says he came to the UK to be with his wife.

He says he has never been to a U.A.E. mosque and has been asked not to visit.

He is also a Muslim and is not a British citizen.

He and his family live in the village of Mirebawe, near Moseley, in Northamptonshire.

“My family have lived in Moseby, Mireby for almost 40 years.

My son and daughter-in-law were born in Mirebys [Mirebaws] and my wife and I were born there,” he told CBC News.

“This has been our home for nearly 40 years and it has been a part of our life since childhood.”

The U-UK Home Office says the Uk-UAE pilot is a “UAE national with no connection to any extremist organization” and is part of a group that has been “known to recruit British citizens for extremist purposes.”

The Home Office said in a statement: “The U.B.A.-UQE group is a banned terrorist organization in the UK and was listed in 2014 by the Home Office in relation to the use of UK material for terrorist purposes.

It is merely a warning that this group does not represent British values. “

It is important to emphasise that this is not an endorsement of their views.

It is merely a warning that this group does not represent British values.

The UK is a country with a strong commitment to free speech and we will work with our partners to ensure that this does not happen again.”

El-Khaddawi, who has a U-M degree in economics and political science, said his family and friends are being harassed in the Middle East.

“They are trying to tell me they will take my son away from me.

They will take away my wife.

I am being threatened in my home,” he explained.

“There are people who are trying really hard to get me to give up.

“Everyone has a different story.” “

The Muslim community in Britain is under growing pressure from some members of the public. “

Everyone has a different story.”

The Muslim community in Britain is under growing pressure from some members of the public.

Earlier this year, the Ummah Association of Britain issued a report stating that a significant number of British Muslims feel that they have lost their way in their own religion and their religion is not being respected.

“In the Muslim community we are very much in a crisis, the Muslim experience is at the crossroads,” said Khadawi.

“So many people are afraid of what is happening in the community and they are afraid to

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