DALLAS (AP) Australian singles mother-of-three Luka Mirov says she’s looking for someone to take care of her toddler when she moves back home in Dallas.

The family of six has lived in the Dallas area for more than 20 years and is one of several who will be joining her in their new home in late summer.

Mirovi is one step closer to being able to finally share her baby with her baby daddy.

“It’s a huge decision,” she said.

“I’m going to move to Dallas, which is a big city, which will be a big family, but it’s not necessarily for me.”

Mirovy and her husband, Dmitry, a photographer, plan to rent a three-bedroom house.

They plan to have two of their five children with Mirovic, a Ukrainian national of Russian descent who came to the United States in 2012 to study.

Murov, who lives in Dallas, said the family will share their apartment with other people, including Miro’s grandparents, her two siblings and a dog.

The couple plans to keep their dog on their property and she will adopt one of their dogs.

“There are so many possibilities, so many options,” she told NBC News.

“We’re going to find the best person for us.”

Murovi, a Russian immigrant who was born in the city of Kharkiv, is hoping to move back to her home country by summer 2018, after she’s finished with her final year of college and the rest of her degree.

She said she would consider moving to Canada if that is available.

The decision will come as a shock to Mirova, who has lived with her family in Dallas for two years.

Mirev has been raising her three children with her husband and two of her four sisters in the area.

She was a teacher and was also a social worker when she arrived in the U.S. Miredv, 32, has lived and worked in Dallas since 2011.

She earned her master’s degree in public health from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2014.

Miringv is one half of the Mirovsons twins, who are ages 2 and 3.

“In this part of the world, we’re not well-educated, we don’t speak English well, we have a very difficult life,” Mirovaris’ mother, Luka, said in an interview with NBC News earlier this year.

“But our lives are good and we’re very happy.”

She added that Mirovillas kids have grown up with both Mirovolts parents.

Mires children are also looking forward to the move.

“My son is very excited about it,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“His first word was: ‘I love you mommy!'”

Miroov, who was working as a freelance photographer in Russia before she moved to the U, said she has a dream of living and working in the United State.

She has lived there since 2011, when she came to Dallas to study and work in an office in the local university.

Movisa Mirovorovic, who grew up in Moscow, says her husband has a plan to bring her home to Russia soon.

“The idea is for him to come home to the USA with me and to live with me,” she says.

Mimirvic said Miroven is also considering moving to the Dallas suburb of Midland.

She is considering moving into a house in Midland with her parents and two children.

“They are very excited for the opportunity,” Mimirvs said.

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