Muslims are more than twice as likely as nonmuslims to marry someone who converts to Islam, according to data from the Pew Research Center’s Religion and Public Life Project.

And, by a margin of about 5 percentage points, they’re more likely than non-muslim Americans to be single.

This pattern was most pronounced among converts.

According to the new data, converts are 3.4 times as likely to marry as non-converts, a 1.4 percentage point increase from 2016.

The data on the overall population of Muslims is based on an analysis of data from 2015.

The survey, which surveyed 1,000 Muslims in the United States between January 1 and December 31, 2017, asked respondents whether they were married or not.

According the Pew data, just over half of Muslims (52 percent) reported that they were unmarried, and 27 percent reported that their spouse was not married.

The largest percentage of converts in the data came from the Muslim community in the South and Midwest, with 36 percent of converts reporting that they’d been married.

A similar percentage of Muslims in all regions reported being single.

In all, nearly a quarter of converts said they were single.

That’s about the same percentage of those who said they’d never married as in 2016, according the new study.

“This is not surprising given the very high rates of divorce among Muslims,” said the Pew research director, Doug Schoenfeld.

“And there’s evidence that some of the divorce rates among Muslims are higher than the rates among non-Muslims.”

A separate study released by the Pew Center last year found that Muslims are less likely than the general population to divorce.

But the Pew survey found that those who divorced did so in greater numbers than those who never divorced.

“The Muslim conversion rate is higher than that of non-Muslim converts,” said Michael Savage, a researcher with the Pew Forum on Religion & Politics and author of the study.

He noted that the survey found “significant support for marriage for Muslim women” as well.

“It’s the most popular option among women in the Muslim world,” Savage said.

“In many Muslim countries, women are not allowed to divorce or have children outside of marriage.

If you are married, you are allowed to marry your husband.”

Savage’s research shows that a significant number of Muslims who convert are still married in their old age.

The Pew study also found that the overall conversion rate among Muslims is about 50 percent higher than among nonbelievers.

Muslims in Pakistan and Egypt were among the countries that have the highest conversion rates among the general American population.

“A large number of Muslim converts to Christianity and other faiths,” Savage wrote, “are married or have recently been married.”

The Pew data also showed that among nonmuslams, the conversion rate for Muslims is slightly higher than for nonbelieving Christians.

But Muslims in those countries are less religious than nonbeliever Christians.

According a Pew study released last year, more than half of nonbelive Christians in the U.S. have never married.

“Although a majority of nonreligious Americans still do not identify as Christians, many of them do not believe in a God who created the world in six days,” Savage added.

The vast majority of converts from the Middle East and North Africa are single.

And in the West, the most common reasons for conversion to Christianity are divorce, poverty, drug addiction and a lack of a religious identity.

In general, Muslims who are divorced are also less religious, and the vast majority are married.

They are less than 1 percent of the U,S.

population, but account for about 9 percent of nonmuslees.

The same is true of converts who’ve had a previous marriage.

“There is evidence that a large percentage of Muslim convert are single, and that they marry younger and have more children than nonconverts,” Savage told National Review.

“Converts from the West are more inclined to marry after a divorce than converts from sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.”

The survey also found significant gaps in Muslim religious life.

Nearly half of converts reported attending mosque regularly, compared with about 20 percent of those in non-believer communities.

About 20 percent reported praying at least monthly, compared to about 5 percent in nonbelief communities.

A sizable percentage of nonconverted Muslims said they had never seen a Muslim in a mosque, compared in the same survey to about 7 percent of Muslim adherents.

A significant minority of nonatheists also reported praying weekly or monthly.

About 9 percent reported attending a mosque less than once a month, compared for nonreligious Christians.

The most common reason for not attending a Mosque was drug addiction, according a 2015 Pew survey.

A third of nonreligionists, or 34 percent, said they “never prayed” in the previous month.

Another 23 percent said they didn’t pray at all.

“More than half [of converts]

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