CLAREMONTH, Queensland – MUSLAM singles singer, Clairemont, said the controversy surrounding her Australian debut was “quite disturbing”.

Ms Claremont, who has been performing since the age of 12, has had a series of raunchy raps over the years but has never been accused of being Muslim.

“I’m just not into the whole Muslim thing, it’s just not my thing,” she said.

“If you go back to my childhood and even now I’m really not into it, and I think it’s the way I was raised and that’s what it’s all about.”

Ms Claremon, who is of Middle Eastern descent, said she was disappointed with the comments made by a former colleague in relation to her song.

“She was saying that my lyrics were offensive and that I’m not a Muslim,” Ms Claremor said.

Ms Claremore said she had been asked to apologise to Muslim community groups for the raunch, and she felt it was important for her to speak out.

“It’s important for people to know I am a singer who sings about being Muslim and that it’s my life and that we need to be able to be as open and honest about it as we can be and it’s OK for me to be a Muslim and I don’t have to be ashamed of that.”

Ms Hodge said it was disappointing for people of a different background to be offended by a song, but the singer was not afraid to speak her mind.

“My song, I feel it’s not about me but I think people are going to find out about it and I hope they’re offended, but I also think it shows a very brave and brave and courageous artist that I think they will come to see me as a singer that can sing about whatever they want to sing about and that really just shows me who I am and I want people to see that.”

The singer, who started performing as a teenager, is known for her raunch in the 1990s.

She has been featured on the ABC’s Countdown and was inducted into the Australian Musicians Hall of Fame in 2001.

“Clairemont is an extremely talented singer, and this song shows a lot of talent in that direction,” Ms Hoyle said.

Claremont will appear in a live show at The Minder in Brisbane on March 6.


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