Nairobi’s Muslim singles scene has long been known for its strong, hip-hop-influenced music and vibrant dance parties, but the number of women participating in its music scene is also growing.

Last year, the city had one of the highest percentages of women in the country of any African country, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center, with more than two-thirds of female musicians participating in music, according the report.

In the New York boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, which have a large Muslim population, only 12 percent of women participated in music in 2016.

The percentage of women has increased from 11 percent in 2015, the report found.

The rise of female muslim musicians has made New York an important destination for female musicians who want to showcase their talent online.

The first recorded Muslim artist to release an album was Naila Taha, a Nigerian-born singer, songwriter, rapper, and choreographer, who released her debut solo album, “Naila,” in December 2015.

“I just really wanted to share my experiences in the music industry and in my own voice,” Taha said in a press release.

She also said she felt a “call to reclaim my identity,” citing her Muslim faith.

The song “My Name Is,” a love song, became an anthem for the Muslim community in Nigeria, and its popularity has spread across the world, including in the United States.

In 2015, a Muslim student was honored at the Grammy Awards for her work with her song “A Song for the Palestinian Boy.”

It also inspired a successful crowdfunding campaign on to fund Taha’s future album.

The New York Times noted that Taha is “the only Muslim woman on a major pop record label.”

A few weeks later, a female rapper named Nana, who has been on the radio and Instagram since 2012, announced she was starting a new label, Nana’s Bitch Records.

The company has been producing a slew of songs that have become trending in the Muslim world.

Nana herself said she feels a responsibility to “give back to the Muslim culture,” according to the Times.

“You can be a Muslim artist and a Muslim woman,” Nana said in an interview with the paper.

“It’s a cultural thing.

You can be an artist who’s also a Muslim person, but I think you have to give back to a community that I think is very much rooted in my heritage.”

In 2015 and 2016, the New Yorkers Muslim music scene experienced an explosion in popularity, with the Muslim music genre gaining prominence.

The trend has been linked to the rise of the Arab Spring, and the rise in support for Islamist political parties.

“New York’s Muslim music has been growing in popularity as well, and that’s due to the Arab uprisings,” said Omar Al-Basha, a professor of media studies at the Queens College of Brooklyn, in a report for the Pew report.

“So New Yorkers are beginning to get more comfortable and aware of their Muslimness.”

According to the report, the number one selling record in New Jersey in 2016 was “Soulfire” by the American rap group the Black Eyed Peas, followed by “Amen” by rapper Lil Yachty, followed in 2017 by the “The Motto” by British pop singer Ariana Grande.

Al-Hassan, a writer and social media manager for the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said in the report that there is a disconnect between the state’s efforts to address issues like sexual harassment and hate crimes and the growing popularity of Muslim music in the state.

“When the governor was governor, he didn’t have much power in the legislative arena,” Al-Zaid said.

“In New York City, there are no political boundaries, so he’s allowed to say whatever he wants.”

The new surge in Muslim musicians has created an environment that is a lot more comfortable for Muslim artists to speak out.

But the rise also has created a new set of challenges for some Muslim New Yorkers.

According to a report published by the Pew, one in five women in New Yorkers is a victim of sexual harassment or assault.

The report also found that there are about 8,500 Muslim women who are employed in the U.S., a majority of them in STEM fields.

The Pew report found that in 2016, only 15 percent of Muslims in the New Yorker were employed in STEM, compared to 25 percent of the general population.

Many of the Muslim women interviewed by the report described having to navigate their gender identity in a world where they feel they are viewed differently by their employers.

For some Muslim women, the pressure to be “normal” is just too much to bear.

“Sometimes, the most difficult part is being Muslim,” Naina Taha told the New Times.

Alaina, a musician, has been in a relationship for two years with

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