The Muslim couple who want to marry in Denmark are struggling to find a Christian couple willing to marry them in their faith.

The couple, a man and a woman, who have lived in Denmark for three years and have lived there for a decade, were originally planning to move to Norway for a new job and eventually, they wanted to get married.

Now, the couple is on a path to finding a Christian wedding planner who is willing to host a Muslim wedding.

The couple’s story started last week when they were in the process of applying for a license to get their license.

They were initially turned down, but eventually, the Christian couple who was planning to live in Denmark applied for a marriage license in Copenhagen, according to a report in Danish newspaper Politiken.

The pair are hoping to get a license from the marriage license bureau this fall, according the report.

The marriage license has been issued to the man, who is a lawyer and is a former head of a state agency in Denmark, the paper reported.

The man and the woman are both Muslim, and the couple are not married.

“We are very happy, we’re married, but we have not been able to find anyone who can be a Christian to marry us,” said Hana Hassan, the woman’s sister-in-law, according Politiken’s report.

“I don’t know what we can do.”

The couple had applied for marriage licenses in the past, but never were able to get the licenses because the bureau in Denmark doesn’t allow Muslim couples to marry.

But Hassan and her sister-law decided to take matters into their own hands.

“We went to the bureau to make a request.

We asked for a Christian marriage license, and they said, ‘No, you cannot do that.

The bureau has a problem with that,'” Hassan told Politiken on Monday.

“Then we went to a Christian minister and said, okay, I have a problem and I have to get it resolved.”

The marriage license was not the problem Hassan and Hassan’s sister had in mind.

“What we wanted was a Christian officiant, a Christian rabbi and a Christian pastor, and then a Christian priest,” Hassan said.

“They just told us no.”

Hassan told Politik that she and her husband wanted to marry outside their religion, and that they had received a few requests to marry the man.

But the request that was denied was from a Christian who was in a relationship with the man and was in the same situation as the couple, according a report by the paper.

“The Christian man was very happy and said that he would love to marry our daughter, but he had no faith in Christianity, which was not an issue for him,” Hassan told the paper, adding that the couple did not have any trouble finding a good Christian couple.

“There is no issue with our faith.”

The two men were in a difficult situation when they applied for the marriage licenses, but they did get a Christian license.

“He came with a Christian flag and asked us to wear the flag,” Hassan explained.

“After we asked him to put it back, he said, you have to take it with you.

We said no, we will take it.

He told us to go to the police station and we were taken to the station.”

Hannan said that she was very disappointed, because the couple had been planning to get together for a wedding for a long time.

“Now we are in a bad situation, and we cannot get married in Denmark.

The wedding license will be invalid,” Hassan added.

The two have had difficulties in finding a new Christian marriage planner.

“The wedding planner in the bureau has told us that she cannot get a date, a time, and an area that is good for a ceremony,” Hassan recalled.

“It’s like a circus.

There are so many problems.”

Haman and Hassan have been trying to find someone who would be willing to take the couple to Norway, but the couple said they were never able to secure a Christian lawyer to take them there.

“When we asked for the Christian lawyer, she said no,” Hassan reported.

Hassain told Politike that she would like to have a Christian friend or family member to accompany them to Norway.

“For us, it’s not an easy situation,” she said.

Hannans mother is a member of the Lutheran church, and she believes that the religious differences in the couple’s religion should be addressed.

“Why do we need a Christian person?

Why do we have to have two different religions?”

Hassan told The Local.

“Let’s find a new marriage planner.”

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