I’ve seen some of it, but mostly from people who aren’t in the Islamic world.

In their minds, muslim countries are somehow racist, or at least Islamophobic.

For instance, the Malaysian man who recently claimed he’d been banned from boarding a plane after calling a passenger “p****y” and “m**********” wrote on Twitter: I’m not from Malaysia, but it sounds like you are from Malaysia.

A few days later, he went on to tweet that he’d received a call from a man in Malaysia who said he was a racist because he didn’t like Muslims in Malaysia.

This is what I got when I called him a racist.

The man then tweeted again, claiming that he was banned from his country’s national airline.

This is what he got when he called me a racist and I called his racist.

I’ll never forget the conversation.

I’ve never been banned in my life.

“They’re racist because I’m an Asian, I’m a Muslim, they’re racist, I don’t care,” the man said.

“They’re trying to ban my identity and my culture.”

The same man told The Daily Beast that he didn�t call Malaysia a racist country because he was Muslim, but because he wasn’t a good Muslim.

He called Malaysia a white country because of its large Muslim population, which he said has helped the country become a “white majority” for decades.

That’s a valid argument, but the man also called the Muslim community “a group of people who are not white” who are “trying to destroy the white majority.”

I’d call them a group of ignorant people who don’t understand what they are trying to destroy, the man added.

As for the claim that Malaysia is racist, this is exactly the sort of racism that makes the Muslim world feel threatened.

And yet, despite these claims, Malaysian authorities have been so busy fighting racism that they’ve banned people from traveling to Malaysia, even those who have Muslim parents, even the man who called Malaysia’s national carrier racist.

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